Discover The Secret Magics of Hollywood Folklore and The Remarkable Abilities of Jack Nicholson.

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Here are the latest New Findings.

A David Bowie Rarity from the 'Lets Dance' period, involving "Steptoe and Son".

A Found Pet Poster appealing to pet owners and human evolution.

Discover the sight and saga of Detective Kojak's 'Webbing' - it's not well known, but you can read his own views right here.        {scroll down to the bottom of the page}

New Hip Hop artist "PussyCoal", and his 2 new teasers of sound from his new album.   {scroll down to the 2nd piece}

Full song for The Medulla Oblongata,and it's stand against the bullying of the Brain -   aided by the Kings of Leon.      {scroll down to the 3rd piece}

And a new thing just below this post, if you scroll you will find him.

Grass melting



The 4 Things Within

These were found from a free shading of a page.

Shapes that faintly emerged were then highlighted, named and their story revealed.

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From the left:

The Little Thing - He or she was actually found at a subatomic level clinging to a quark.  
 The jagged jaw does give an aggressive appearance, but one cannot judge from this alone. 

The clinging itself has others believing in a milder temperament, citing that something with that type of bite would be expected to be gnawing away on what it was clinging to, and not propping it's head up on it, which was the case here.

Surfboard banana peep -        The guess here is a mix up of alien data collection, stemming from the similar shapes of the banana and the surfboard.   The alien is doing the peeping.   A correlation between the skins that peel away of the banana, the peeling of the wetsuit from a human surfer, and thus the assumed form,and use, of the peelee for the surfboard, is offered here. 

The Whisperer under a slice - The Whisperer moves under that which is part food, and part bedding to begin with.  Here The Whisperer freely pops out to glimpse rather than speak. 

4 hours later, a Llama -     This one if I remember correctly came about because 4 hours after finding the others, I discovered this llama.


The things were found within the desert and streaks of soil base, and were helped with a little cutting and stitching together.

Under the opening flap is what seems to be a wrapped in black from the neck down, red being, with a 3 clawed kite that runs on churning water  at its centre. (or maybe the water is balled and churning for another reason).  And if you look to the top right of the photo, the red being has begun to take shape and infringe upon the whole operation ( notice the red face and shadowy bottom bits).

Also note the little fleshy hoof at the top of the painting, holding on.